Our Philosophy

Learn to trade and invest like a professional

Our goal is to create the largest  membership base world wide who are empowered to take control of their trading and investment objectives with confidence. We are achieving this goal by following a proven training methodology that has been in place since 1998 supported by our real time trading and investment alerts and daily market analytics.  This methodology is built on the repetition and reinforcement of crucial trading and investment principles and the practical application of the strategies in the ever changing market environment.

Find out why we are the leading educators for some of the largest exchanges, brokerages and banking institutions in North America.

Company Profile 

With a seemingly endless amount of free education  and alert services out there, how do you choose the right one? The simple answer is to look for a company that is built by traders, for traders. A company that does not just teach theory alone, rather a company that will coach you every step of the way until you have mastered the art of trading and investing for yourself.

Founded and managed by successful industry professionals with a combined trading history of over 50 years, Learn To Trade Global has been educating traders and investors since 1998. With the original program still running live in Toronto,

Optionsource.net was added as a resource in 2006 and seeks to bring the same down to earth support, mentorship and the practical application of theory that has kept their membership growing year over year to aspiring traders and investors worldwide. By applying both speculative and conservative strategies, optionsource.net is centered on the idea that through education and opportunity, anyone, regardless of their background, can achieve financial independence.

These core beliefs have resulted in our role as lead instructors for the Montreal Exchange and the opportunity to travel accross the country to various banks and brokerages educating and inspiring retail investors to take control of their investments with confidence.

The optionsource.net services assist our members in the identifying opportunities, executing the trades and managing the positions in real time. The result is that you end up putting the theory to work with the opportunity to develop your skills as an active trader and investor under real market conditions.

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