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What is "Big Picture Trading"...?

Big Picture Trading is an educational and mentoring service for traders.

Specifically, for traders who want to learn and apply asymmetric strategies to potentially generate BIG profits by taking small, calculated risks. Just like the pros!

It's all about Home runs and Paper cuts (see step 3)

How It Works in 3 Simple Steps


 Every day, Patrick guides you through the analysis of market trends in search of opportunities unfolding within major sectors, then…


Once Patrick has narrowed down the sector or industry, he analyzes the price action across dozens of charts and indicators to find the opportunities with the biggest profit potentials, finally...


Watch Patrick hit financial home runs or take paper cut losses as he analyzes and executes his best trade ideas LIVE... 
Rinse and repeat!

 - Hunter of Asymmetry & Content Machine - 

With over 20 years of professional trading experience, Patrick has traded tens of millions of dollars for institutions, worked with big banks, and is a sought after instructor for major exchanges. 

Prolific and innovative, Patrick trades and teaches his asymmetric approach to retail and professional traders alike. Get access to his trades and portfolios exclusively at Big Picture Trading.

He's on a mission to help you reach financial independence by providing BPT members detailed, actionable analysis that helps better manage, protect, and grow their portfolio.

Patrick can be heard every week on the Macrovoices podcast and The Market Huddle Youtube show.

Membership Features

The Big Picture Trading Membership gives you the tools and strategies you need to find, analyze and execute trades that can generate BIG profits by taking small, calculated risks.

Macro Analytics

Receive Patrick’s daily scouting report, a concise video update of macro trends as they unfold across the markets.

Where’s the Trade LIVE

Join Patrick LIVE as he analyzes profit opportunities and executes trades step-by-step with market commentary!

Daily LIVE Q&A

Get your questions answer by Patrick Ceresna himself.

Watchlists & Portfolios

Receive Patrick’s Top Three trades each week, sent directly to your inbox with all the supporting info and details, so that you can follow along step-by-step.

Educational Content

The Member Bonus Content library, includes starter videos, option boot camps, advanced risk management strategies all so you can learn to stack the odds in your favor!

Tools & Resources

Compare and test theories inside our amazing options simulators and calculators, track your trades with our spreadsheets.  Everything you need...all in one place.

See What Members Have To Say...


"I'm very pleased with the Big Picture Trading training materials, Macro Outlook and Where is the Trade sessions. It’s all very professional and just at my comfort level of understanding...keep up the great professional work! Thanks to the way Patrick teaches, I have never been so relaxed when trading!"

D. Chai
Toronto, Canada
"Patrick makes everything very simple to understand and easy to do. Since I started implementing some of your trade ideas into my portfolio, I now understand (for the first time since I started trading) how to hedge all my trades to limit losses. It made a big difference. I am finally making money consistently every month! Keep up the great work."

B. Fisher
San Diego, California
"In this industry, there are an incredible number of charlatans offering advice, insider secrets or just selling their book to unsuspecting newbies. Patrick is not like this... he's the real deal and I can't recommend BPT highly enough!"

B. Moyle
Aukland, New Zealand

For Traders Looking To Learn From Patrick

Turn decades into days!  With our full suite of Master Programs where Patrick teaches you all of his best strategies from the ground up!

Then use your new knowledge to easily follow along with Patrick or find your own asymmetric opportunities with big upside potential and limited downside risk. Just like the pros!

Here Are Some Questions We Get Asked A Lot:

 Who is Big Picture Trading for?

BPT is for traders looking to learn and leverage Patrick’s expertise and apply it to their own portfolio.

 How much is the membership after the trial

Membership fees vary between $49* – $99 monthly.
*requires add-on purchase of one or more Master Programs

 Can I use my current trading platform?

Absolutely, you can use any platform you like to trade along with Patrick.

 Does Patrick manage money for members?

No. Patrick does not manage members’ money, he trades/manages his own portfolio.

 What does Patrick trade inside the membership?

Any security, including; stocks, indexes, commodities, options, bonds, precious metals, anything that offers him an asymmetric opportunity with plenty of upside and limited downside.

 Is Big Picture Trading a “day trading” service?

No… hence the name Big Picture Trading! On average, we publish about three trades per week.

 How much time do I need to follow the trades?

For those interested in just following Patrick’s trades, you can spend as little as 30min a week. For those looking for more Patrick publishes new content almost everyday.

 If I have questions, can I talk to someone?

Yes! We are available by phone Mon-Fri 9-5 ET (NY) at 1-888-426-4668. Or you can always email your questions to contact@bigpicturetrading.com

 Are the LIVE trading webinars recorded?

Yes, we record all of our webinars so members can review them at anytime.

 If I don’t like it, how do I cancel?

Simply login to your account, click on your profile and click “cancel subscription”. No need to call, email, or talk to anyone!

 Do I have to know options to follow the trades?

Just the basics, but we’ll be happy to teach you those for FREE!

 Does Patrick invest in the trades he publishes?

Absolutely! Every trade he publishes he personally takes on himself inside his LIVE portfolio.

 How much money do I need to trade along with Patrick?

We recommend a minimum of $20,000usd in your portfolio.

 Are the Master Programs included in the FREE 14 day trial?

No, but you can try them risk free when you sign up for the 14 day membership. 

 Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

email us at contact@bigpicturetrading.com or call us at 1-888-426-4668 (Mon-Fri 9-5 ET)


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