BIG PICTURE TRADING is trading for yourself, not by yourself

If Trading Feels Like This

Before The Master Programs...

Then This Is What it feels like, 
after the master programs...

The Master Program Series is here to help you

  • WHERE to put your money as new trends emerge
  • WHEN to get in and out of positions so you can stop giving back profits 
  • HOW to execute trades for maximum asymmetry with minimum risk
  • BECOME a master trader and gain an almost unfair advantage trading the markets

Unlock the knowledge and skills you need to invest with confidence from the ground up.


Learn the rules of the game.

Understand the macro fundamental landscape so you can assess reality as it unfolds, and spot the trends before they form.


Identify the opportunity.

Learn the discipline, trade management, and inter-market relationships for stocks, forex, futures and more.


Protect and profit!

Discover options and learn how to value and execute trades for maximum asymmetry with big profits potential taking calculated risks


Master the "X" factor.

Focus on the key to what makes successful traders successful, the mastery of oneself.  Learn the habits, and behaviours to accelerate your path to trading mastery.

 Learn The Rules Of The Game


Gain an understanding of the macro fundamental landscape. Learn how to assess unfolding events and its implications, and spot trends before they form. 

Macro foundations provide insight into the tailwind opportunities within the market. Learn about money, how it flows, the global players, inflation, currencies, data, and how to structure your portfolio! 

Our objective is to provide a much more holistic approach to investing and your overall portfolio.

Identify The Opportunity


Learn the discipline, finding asymmetry, reading charts, and inter-market relationships for stocks, forex, and futures on all timeframes.

Inside the Technical Master Program you’ll uncover the market mindset, planning your trade, price action, indicators, patterns, managing your risk and locking in profits for better management of trades. 

The Technical Master Program gives traders certainty about when to get in/out of your positions. 

You’ll be a master chart analyst sooner than you think!

Protect And Profit


Learn professional option strategies, and how to approach and execute trades for maximum asymmetry (ie. immense potential with minimum risk). 

Discover the option greeks, how to choose the best valued option for your strategy, how to lock in your profits, advanced hedging strategies (spreads, strangles and everything in between!) 

The Options Master Program is for traders looking to build positions safely, hedge portfolios, and generate massive profit potential so that you can win big when you are right and lose small when you are wrong.

Master The "X" Factor


Our most requested Master program to date. Focus on developing the X factor of what makes successful traders successful. 

Beginners often assume that the gap to success comes from learning fundamentals, technicals or some derivative strategy. But any veteran trader will quickly point out that the key to success lies in the mastery of oneself. 

The psychology in trading drives the confidence and discipline necessary to allow a trader to trust and trade their own convictions and develop methodologies and trade plans to execute consistency. 

 The Trading Masters is the culmination of the decades of experience Patrick and Kevin have accumulated, shared with masters members to accelerate their path to trading success.

What's Inside?

Become a Master... 
at your own pace

Turn decades into days and accelerate your performance with Patrick’s acclaimed Master Program series. Learn 20 years worth of Patrick’s need-to-know strategies, lessons, and theory in just ~20+ hours per course! 

Each specialty program is the most advanced concise offering on its subject matter currently available to the public....and you can bet those big institutions and hedge funds would prefer you kept in the dark! Each program includes:

25+ Video Modules

Get you caught up to speed with the pros! Deep-dive into Patrick’s expertise of the foundational and advanced concepts within each Master Program. Tools include visual aides, real-world examples, with step-by-step instruction.

Further Study Resources

Own your development by accessing some of Patrick’s recommended trading resources, books, and online libraries.

LIVE Tutorials

This is where you’ll learn to bridge the theory with application. Watch Patrick implement everything he taught you inside the video modules, step-by-step in current market conditions. That way no matter what is happening inside the market, you’ll have clarity about what it means and what actions to take!

Program Manuals

Access to PDF slide decks and supplemental learning aides.

See What Master Members Have To Say...


I heard about you on Macro Voices...

I took some options and technical classes several years from one of your competitors. It was good but nothing like the way Patrick teaches it. Patrick makes everything very simple to understand and easy to do. I have been retired for two years and was looking for some additional income, when I heard about you on MacroVoices podcast. Since I started implementing some of your trade ideas into my portfolio, I am finally making money consistently every month. For the first time trading, I understand how to hedge all my trades to limit any loss of money. Made a big difference. Keep up the great work.

P. Chapuis
Lake Worth, Florida

I’ve wanted to learn about options...

Thank you so much. I've wanted to learn about options, as presented today. I've just not found the right learning tools for me, until now! Patrick is amazing and shares his knowledge well. Thank you for all the hard work, love my subscription. Thank you!

J. Landrum
Raleigh, NC

BAM the market crashes and the money started raining in...

Patrick has got to be one of the best risk managers and market timers in the business. Through the SPY Calendar straddle he has held my hand managing the trade for over a year managing risk until BAM the market crashes and the money started raining in. BPT is a must for any trader using options and macro strategies. Thank-you!

S. Newman
Toronto, Canada

I made a cool 567% gain...

I'm an engineer with limited trading knowledge who was eager to learn. I started with the monthly membership in 2018 to learn timing and execution. Loved it but was way too confusing. Went for a bundle of all 3 masters courses in 2019. By 2020 I was actively trading based on Patrick's advisory and my own experience. Then the monster crash came and I was fully prepared and positioned for it. It saved me 36% loss in retirement account - I ended up flat through the biggest crash in a decade. Plus I made a cool 567% gain in the margin account. The system just works, thanks BPT!

M. Dinic
Toronto, Canada

This year my portfolio is at all time high...

I have been a big picture member for many years and intend to stay on. This year my portfolio is at all time high. This year alone, I should see a capital gain of more than $130 K. Thanks for all your macro insights and technical guidance.

S. Goh.
Vancouver, Canada

My best investment...

To date your Options Masters has been perhaps my best investment. Of course these are extraordinary times but credit to you for my being able to catch these moves in APPL, SPY, ADM, and many others. To stick with winning positions, to control the losses, weather the storms. I am not new to Options trading but in truth I never understood them or how they could be deployed.

D. Scott
Galashiels, UK

I’ve truly learned how to trade like a professional...

The Master Courses provided me with an advanced, college-level education in market fundamentals. Patrick explains the fundamentals of option trading, technical analysis, and macro economics. I feel comfortable trading complex option strategies. I’ve truly learned how to trade like a professional.

M. Meltzer
Westminster, MD

Making a great and positive difference to my life...

My trading has improved heaps, since becoming a member. Especially have been great to learn from Patrick about Hedging trades, has made a big difference to my results. So far my portfolio is up around 60% for the year which is less than 3 months old. Love the work you do Patrick, your making a great and positive difference to my life.

A. Lilburne
Victoria, Australia 

On my own over the last 10 years, big mistake...

I'm loving all the courses, tutorials, webinars, and BPT in general, it's been such a great find for me. I’ve been trying to figure all of this stuff out on my own over the last 10 years, big mistake.

T. Peters
Denver, CO
**Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying users of Big Picture Trading. Their results may not be typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education and market forces beyond our control.  We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims, and you may not make your money back.**

Here Are Some Questions We Get Asked A Lot:

 Who is Big Picture Trading for?

BPT is for traders looking to learn and leverage Patrick’s expertise and apply it to their own portfolio.

 How much is the membership after the trial

Membership fees vary between $49* – $99 monthly.
*requires add-on purchase of one or more Master Programs

 Can I use my current trading platform?

Absolutely, you can use any platform you like to trade along with Patrick.

 Does Patrick manage money for members?

No. Patrick does not manage members’ money, he trades/manages his own portfolio.

 What does Patrick trade inside the membership?

Any security, including; stocks, indexes, commodities, options, bonds, precious metals, anything that offers him an asymmetric opportunity with plenty of upside and limited downside.

 Is Big Picture Trading a “day trading” service?

No… hence the name Big Picture Trading! On average, we publish about three trades per week.

 How much time do I need to follow the trades?

For those interested in just following Patrick’s trades, you can spend as little as 30min a week. For those looking for more Patrick publishes new content almost everyday.

 If I have questions, can I talk to someone?

Yes! We are available by phone Mon-Fri 9-5 ET (NY) at 1-888-426-4668. Or you can always email your questions to

 Are the LIVE trading webinars recorded?

Yes, we record all of our webinars so members can review them at anytime.

 If I don’t like it, how do I cancel?

Simply login to your account, click on your profile and click “cancel subscription”. No need to call, email, or talk to anyone!

 Do I have to know options to follow the trades?

Just the basics, but we’ll be happy to teach you those for FREE!

 Does Patrick invest in the trades he publishes?

Absolutely! Every trade he publishes he personally takes on himself inside his LIVE portfolio.

 How much money do I need to trade along with Patrick?

We recommend a minimum of $20,000usd in your portfolio.

 Are the Master Programs included in the FREE 14 day trial?

No, but you can try them risk free when you sign up for the 14 day membership. 

 Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

email us at or call us at 1-888-426-4668 (Mon-Fri 9-5 ET)


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